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Leadership Team Selection

It’s an exciting time for us at BNI because our chapters are gearing up to choose their next Leadership Teams for the new term, so, let’s consider these three questions;

  1. Why do BNI Leadership Teams change every six months?
  2. How is the new Leadership Team selected?
  3. What are the benefits of becoming a Leadership Team member?


Why do we change the Leadership Team (LT) every six months?

  • It reduces the risk of the LT feeling overworked and potentially burning out before their term is completed
  • New voices, bring new energy and new ideas
  • Members moving out of the LT team add leadership experience in the wider group
  • Some members of the current LT may stay on in different roles to keep some experience and a level of continuity with chapter goals flowing through to the next term

How is the Leadership Team selected?

  • The next President is selected by the current President in discussion/ consultation with the chapter’s BNI Director Consultant
  • Some chapters now have a succession plan, where a possible President for the next term is indicated 6-12 months ahead which helps bring through the best candidates in the chapter
  • The incoming President chooses their incoming team in discussion with the current President and their BNI Director Consultant
  • We don’t have elections or ask for volunteers, this ensures that we choose the best people for the roles, who will be able to add the most value to the chapter
  • However, if you are keen to join the next leadership team, please talk to our current President and/or our BNI Director Consultant so that they know you are interested

What are the benefits of becoming a Leadership Team member?

  • You have the opportunity to increase your Visibility and Credibility at BNI. By doing an excellent job on the LT, you experience more exposure in front of your chapter
  • You are able to learn to become a leader and learn valuable leadership skills that are transferrable to your business and your day to day life
  • Naturally you will learn more about BNI and how your chapter operates allowing you to gain more from your BNI membership
  • It is fun! And, being part of a well-run LT takes less time than you think
  • You have the opportunity to add real value to your chapter and your fellow members. By raising the bar, you can help more members to achieve more.
  • Giving back. By giving to your chapter you are practising Givers Gain®. Givers Gain® is BNI’s principal core value. It is based on the age-old concept of what goes around, comes around.

Why do some members resist serving on the leadership team?

  • I’m too busy…. The fact is everyone is busy, but being on the chapter leadership team is both fun and rewarding, and it takes less time than you might think plus it is only for six months.
  • I haven’t got the skills….. If you have been approached, that means we think you have got the skills or can develop your skill base further by becoming a member of the leadership team.
  • Lastly, if you have never been approached to join the leadership team, reflect on why this might be? How could you upskill? BNI University is one platform where members and leadership teams have amazing content to upskill both in business and personally through excellent BNI content!

Have you served on your chapters Leadership Team yet?
Will next term be your opportunity?



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