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More than $80 million generated by BNI New Zealand members in 2017

At the beginning of the year it’s always a good time to brush up on the basics of BNI.

Thank You for Closed Business or TYFCB is simply a mechanism that we use to track business between members. Ultimately, tracking the dollar value of referrals made through BNI is one of the clearest ways to assess how your chapter is benefiting from the members’ collective structured networking efforts.

A record total!

Last year BNI New Zealand recorded its best Thank You for Closed Business ever. For 2017 chapters throughout New Zealand totalled over $80 million in TYFCB.

TYFCB 2017

This is an incredible total that shows more business is being done and recorded in BNI.

Recording the total is very important. We’ve all heard the saying, “What gets measured gets done”. When setting standards and expectations within BNI chapters, if it gets measured, it gets done.

Take time to goal set

Now early in the year is the best time to set goals both for your chapter and yourself in terms of TYFCB. Use the totals recorded for 2017 as a benchmark for this year’s goals.

It’s much easier to report TYFCB than ever before because it is now incorporated into the online BNI Connect system. Reporting referrals, 1-2-1’s and TYFCB is far simpler with the use of the official BNI Connect App. Confidentiality is assured as the amount generated by the person who gave the referral is recorded rather than the amount earned by the member.

Congratulations BNI New Zealand

Remember that your mind-set is crucial with Thank You for Closed Business. Those who are most successful with referrals track and measure their progress at BNI. It’s a great way to assess what your BNI membership is worth to you. Your Revenue received or Return on Investment is available through BNI Connect and confidential to you only.

When you see the figures and how you are tracking, it really resonates. It’s also important to celebrate the success of BNI New Zealand and your BNI chapter as motivation for the year ahead. Set a target today and let’s beat last year’s incredible total.


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